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StarBurst Vase Diffuser

Product Description
$89.99 $169.99

The StarBurst Vase Diffuser is part of the latest line of Zipmart's new essential oil diffuser products. This gorgeous, glass diffuser outputs a steady aroma stream while entertaining anyone watching.

Whether you're buying one for yourself, your home, your child, or just as a gift it will be a perfect centerpiece with its unique cosmos design.

The StarBurst Vase Diffuser can rotate between each of the 7 colors shown in our video, truly showing off the high-quality design with its unique auto-shut down safety features. On top of that, if one color is too bright for you, just click the button again and turn on the built in auto-dimming. Between the 7 auto-rotating colors, single-focus color options, and the bright & dim light settings...

You'll be never be disappointed with your new StarBurst Vase Diffuser.

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